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1x Néctar Ígneo: 200 gr

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    What is Néctar Ígneo?

    Néctar Ígneo is a fine mango and habanero pepper sauce, with a touch of lemon. Fused with 100% olive oil which gives it a creamy and exquisite consistency.

    As its name says, Néctar Ígneo is "nectar of fire": the perfect mix between sweet and spicy. When you try it, it will become that complement that you can never miss and will give that special "fire" to your meals.

    Spiciness Level (1-5): 3.5

    Where: 1 = Very little hot and 5 = Very hot.

    Néctar Ígneo.

    your best option

    The perfect combination of sweet and spicy

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    100% Natural

     Made only with natural ingredients, no additives or artificial extracts.

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    Taste that Captivates

     All the necessary properties for a demanding palate.

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    The perfect complement to a variety of dishes.

    Pairing Ideas:

                         Tip: Enjoy Igneous Nectar with your favorite food.