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36x Nutty & Picante Mini: 30g c/u

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    What is Nutty & Picante?

    We present this unique salsa, made from two varieties of Mexican chili, roasted and bathed in olive oil, together with a good dose of dried plums and pecan.

    The result is a fine salsa with a mild heat and a sweet touch, which will turn any dish in which you use it into a culinary delight.

    Heat Level (1-5): 2   

    Where: 1 = Very little spice, and 5 = Highly spicy..

    Portable Size

    The mini presentation offered in the 36-pack is ideal as an individual serving.

    Likewise, due to its practical size, it accompanies you wherever you go so that you can give your food a good touch of premium Mexican flavor.

    Dare to discover the 36-Pack of Nutty & Picante Mini!.

    International Breakfast. 
    Gourmet Flavor
    Perfect for Parties.