Nutty & Picante

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What is Nutty & Picante?

We present this unique sauce, made from two varieties of Mexican chili, roasted and bathed in olive oil, together with a good dose of dried plums and pecan.

The result is a fine sauce with a mild heat and a sweet touch, which will turn any dish where you use it into a culinary treat.

Heat Level (1-5):

Where: 1 = Very little spice, and 5 = Highly spicy.

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100% Natural

Made only with natural ingredients, without additives or artificial extracts.

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Breakfast Companion

Excellent pairing with classic international breakfasts.

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The Power Of The Pecan

With all the natural benefits of the pecan nut: protein, vitamins, healthy fats and fiber.

Pairing Ideas:

Try it and let its flavor convince you.


TIP: Take advantage of unit discounts when purchasing 2 to 4 pieces per package.

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