Create Your Own 3-Pack

Elíxir Ámbar: 200ml
Manjar Emperador: 200g
Néctar Ígneo: 200g
Nutty & Picante: 200g

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                      What's a Create Your Own 3-Pack?

You can pick 3 salsas from our 4 products:

Néctar Ígneo, Manjar Emperador, Nutty Picante & Elíxir Ámbar.

This package is excellent for you to try our high-end products for any occasion, just add a ribbon or decorative bow, and you're good to go!

Heat Levels:

  • Néctar Ígneo: (3.5/5) - medium-high.

  • Manjar Emperador: (4/5) - high.

  • Nutty & Picante: (2/5) - light.

  • Elíxir Ámbar: (3/5) - medium-high.

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Build Your Own 3-Pack

The presentation offered is ideal to taste the gourmet flavors of each of the salsas at a discounted price. 

Overview of each of the products:

  • Néctar Ígneo: Salsa based on mango pulp with habanero chili, olive oil and a touch of lemon.

  • Manjar Emperador: Sauce of 3 varieties of chili peppers, toasted and bathed in olive oil with garlic.

  • Nutty & Picante: Salsa of 2 varieties of toasted chili peppers bathed in olive oil, with prunes and ground walnuts. 

  • Elíxir Ámbar: Natural infusion in olive oil of three varieties of Mexican chili peppers and garlic.

¡Dare to Build Your Own 3-Pack with your favorite gourmet salsas!  

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