How can I track my order and check its status?

Login to your account with your username and password. Once inside, click on the link "MY ACCOUNT" under the label of your username. There you can see the history of your orders and take a look at their status.

I think I made a mistake in my order, can I change it?
Once your order has been confirmed, no further changes can be made. However, as long as it has not been sent you can cancel it and then place a new order. If you have any questions, contact us via email or contact form, and we will gladly assist you.
My order has arrived, but there are 1 or more damaged products, help!

From the outset, we apologize if this is the case. The product may have been damaged in transit.}

Login to your account with your username and password and we will assist you with your order number, give us a brief description of the problem and attach a photo to illustrate it.

If indeed the product was damaged during transport, we will send you a new one at no cost.

Keep in mind that you have a period of 2 calendar days, counting from the day the merchandise is received, to make the claim. After this period we cannot accept the claim for damaged merchandise.

My order has arrived, but products are missing.

If one or more products are missing from your order, log into your account with your username and password, give us a brief list of the missing products. We will contact you immediately to resolve the issue.

It's been a long time and my order still hasn't arrived, what's up?

Don't worry, we will gladly help you track it. If the status of your order indicates that it has already been delivered, we recommend that you check with your neighbors and / or with your local parcel office, to verify if they have additional information.

Typically if the parcel service does not manage to deliver the shipment, they return it to their closest branch, or they leave it to one of your neighbors who is responsible for delivering it.If this does not solve your problem, enter your account with your username and password, rest assured that we will do what is in our power to help you.

Domestic Shipping

How much does shipping cost within Mexico?

The best way to find out the cost of transportation is during the ordering process, when entering the delivery address and confirming the shipping method.

When will my order arrive?
Once the product has been confirmed and paid for, it will arrive 3 to 5 business days after the shipping date.
Oops, I was wrong to give you the address for delivery, Help!

Login to your account with your username and password, if we have not yet sent your order, it is very likely that we will have the opportunity to correct the delivery address before your order gets on its way.
If your order is already on its way, there are two soups:    Soup 1: The products are returned to our warehouse.This means that the package is returned to our warehouse, due to the fact that the Courier could not deliver to the given address. In this case, you are only responsible for paying the cost of re-shipping to the correct address. However, if you prefer to cancel your order, then we will refund the cost of the order after subtracting the original transportation charges. We will contact you to resolve the issue before re-issuing your package.
Soup 2: The products do not return to our warehouse.Unfortunately in this case we cannot be held responsible for the loss of the order and we cannot offer you a refund. We hope to have your understanding.

Use of cookies

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International Shipping

At the moment we can only ship within the Mexican national territory.

If you live outside of Mexico and are interested in our products, we are at your service via contact form; We will gladly consider doing the pertinent research to be able to ship to your country. If you are in the USA you can find us and buy at fuegomexika.com or amazon.com/fuegomexika


In which cases can I return the product to you?

You can return the product to us and be subject to a refund in the following cases:• The product packaging arrived damaged (broken, cracked, torn, etc.).• Presence of a foreign object within the content of the product.• The content of the product reached your hands already expired.If any of these three is the case, we invite you to write us via contact form to guide you during the return process.Fuego Azteca S.A. de C.V. reserves the right to accept the return.


What means of payment can I use?

We accept the following payment mechanisms:
• VISA or MasterCard credit card, via PayPal.
• PayPal

At what point is my account charged?

Your account will receive the charge the same day you place your order.

How can I access a copy of my invoice?

Enter your portal with your username and secret password. Click on "MY ACCOUNT" to see your documents and order history. In the "Invoices" section you will be able to consult and download a copy of your invoice.

What happens if the payment is not made?

If we don't receive your payment, we can't start the shipping process for your order.

How can I generate a personalized invoice for my order?

If you require an invoice, send us an email to [email protected] with your tax information (RFC, Company Name, Tax Address, CFDI Use) and the order number no later than 7 days after the purchase. We will gladly generate your invoice and send it to you by email.

My Account

How can I create my account?

Click on the "Open Account" link located at the top of our website. From there, simply follow the steps presented to you to configure and register your account.

Rest assured that your data will never be shared with third parties and will be treated by us confidentially exclusively for the purposes of communication, delivery and order tracking.

How do I change my account information?
Enter your portal with your user number and secret password. Then click on the "My Account" link at the top of the site. Once inside this section, you can change your billing address, your shipping address and your secret password, among others. If you want to change your email address (email), you can add a new email address and set it as your main account. In this way, subsequent communication will take place at the new email address that you have established as the main one.

I forgot the password, Help!

Click on the "Sign in with my account" link at the top of the site. Under the fields for username and secret password, click on the link "I forgot my secret password".

The system will then ask you for your email address to which a message containing a link will be sent and the instructions to re-establish your secret password.

If this above is not working for you, send us an email to [email protected] and we will gladly help you resolve the issue.


I have a question that is not covered by the FAQ topics.

We are on your disposition. Send us your question via contact form and we will answer it as soon as possible.