About Fuego Azteca

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We are a Mexican company committed to the creation of premium quality and exquisite chili pepper sauces and blends that enhance culinary experiences and make you feel the joy of being alive.
Being born in the world's cradle of hot chili peppers, our mission is to bring all over the world the spirit of Mexico through one of the most representative elements of our homeland's lifestyle.

By means of our products we seek to exalt what makes Mexico unique: the fire running through its people's veins and the bold, tasteful and unmistakably original Mexican approach to hot salsas.

Expect nothing but Quality, Flavor and Style from FUEGO AZTECA®.

FUEGO AZTECA®, FUEGO MEXIKA® AND ÁGUILA MEXIKA® are all registered trademarks of Industrias Fuego Azteca, S.A. de C.V.




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