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 Premium Spicy Salsas From México

Odoo - Prueba 1 a tres columnas

Six Pack Elixir Ambar Mini

Odoo - Prueba 1 a tres columnas

Six Pack Manjar Emperador Mini

Odoo - Prueba 1 a tres columnas

Classy and Authentic

Every detail of our products is meticulously designed taking into account not only your sophisticated palate, but also your lifestyle.

   We offer original and authentic products, inside and outside.

Odoo - Prueba 2 a tres columnas

Premium Quality

We use only the very best ingredients that meet high quality standards. Our recipes are developed by expert Chefs and our  manufacturing looks after every aspect in the production process to ensure we offer you a premium product.

Odoo - Prueba 3 a tres columnas

The Best of Mexico

Because Mexico is the world's cradle of chili pepper, and no one else does it deliciously hot like Mexico.

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